This tutorial is designed to teach when you have forgotten your password the best way to access your personal computer. You are able to use password reset disk another accessible administrator, or sign in to Windows without password.

This technique only works on a pc with numerous users.

Obtaining the Locked Computer by Another Administrator

1 On Windows login screen, switch to a different accessible administrator. If your computer has Windows 7 installed, just press Ctrl + Alt + Del and click “Switch User” to switch to another user.

Switch User windows 7

In case your personal computer has Windows 8 on the left of user image, simply click the arrow on Windows login screen, and there is going to be a listing of all users accessible on Windows 8. Select one administrator account whose password you remember.

2 Type password and press Enter to get your computer.


Access Computer with Password Reset. Use the administrator to modify the lost user password

1 Sign into Windows computer with another administrator account as revealed in the initial method.


2 Navigate to Control Panel to change other users’ password. On Windows 7 computer, for instance, go to Control Panel – User Accounts and Family Safety – User Accounts – Add or remove user accounts.

User Accounts and Family Safety

3 Choose one account whose password you want to change or remove.


4 Click “Change the password” or “Remove the password”. If you select “Change the password”, type the new password and confirm it. When you select “Remove the password”, click “Remove Password” again to confirm that you want to remove it.

Remove the password windows 7

5 Set new password for this particular user account. (Optional)


Reset forgotten password with reset disk.

1 Upon typing an incorrect password while tying to get your computer, a message link “Reset Password” will show up on the login screen after the password input box.

 message link "Reset Password" will show up on the login screen

2 Click the link and follow the password wizard instractions.

Click the link and follow the password wizard instractions.

3 Click “Next” and insert the password reset disk you have created. Pick the option “password reset key disk” and click “Next”.

password reset wizard winodws 7

4 Practice the type new password with this user and the instructions on your own screen and complete password reset.


Reset lost password with Command Prompt

1 Sign in to Windows computer with a different administrator, click Start, and run Command Prompt (or press Win + R, type “cmd” and press Enter), when you are capable. For instance, on Windows 8 computer, press Win + X, and click on Command Prompt (Admin) and then “Yes”.

2 In the Command Prompt, type: “Net User ” and press “Enter” to reset a fresh password.

Net User <user name> <new password>

Sign in to Windows Computer with new password

1 After you have altered or reset Windows password, restart your PC.


2 On the Windows login screen, select the user whose password you’ve reset and enter the brand new password to login.


Access Computer without Password

1 Get a Windows password recovery tool. Download the trial version of Windows Password Genius.

Windows Password Genius

2 Install and run Windows password recovery application on another computer. Please find another accessible computer prepared for Windows password reset disk creation when your PC is locked.

3 Insert bootable CD/DVD or USB to create a reset disc. After adding bootable USB into computer, select media kind USB and choose password reset disc burning disk.

Windows Password Genius Begin burning

Click “Begin burning” to start creating password reset disk into USB drive. When you see “Successfully burning” pops up, exit USB reset disk from available computer and plug it into fast computer.

4 Start your computer. By pressing on boot key when computer starting input BOOT Settings Option. Boot key is different for different computers. Next, select Boot option and move USB drive or “Removable Devices” to the first area of boot list. Save boot changes.

elect Boot option and move USB drive or "Removable Devices" to the first area of boot list

5 Windows password recovery program will run too when computer boots from USB successfully. Select Windows and choose the user whose password you need to remove. Click “Reset Password” button and Yes to set its password to blank.

Eject the USB before it reboots.
6 The last thing to do would be to reboot computer and computer can be accessed by you.